Monday, May 9, 2011

Spyda the dj

Being a DJ from the Caribbean, I always appreciate when I get opportunity to play music from the Caribbean for people from all over the world.  I am also a lover of music period so I love to play all genres of music.  For this event, the Caribbean – African connection in music and culture has always been pretty obvious to me and it never gets old.  I've travelled to Africa as well so this is a great honor when I know there are so many other talented Dj's in the city.  I always challenge myself to find something new and fresh to discover and present to the people when mixing the music.  Most people think being a DJ is just about playing some songs but it's a lot deeper than that.  I get into the theme, the concept, the venue and most importantly, I get into the people.  I’m really looking forward to “African Underground” at the Smithsonian.   I’ll be side by side with Farafina Kan so I know it’s going to be awesome – a great venue, great performances, and great people always make for a great vibe. I’ll be there ready to rock the crowd in the "African Underground".

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